The YWCA Northeastern Massachusetts – A Voice for Women & Girls

Annual Appeal

Dear Supporters,
This year was without a doubt, another year of uncertainty. However, I believe the YWCA is very fortunate to have remained a viable organization serving so many in need in our community. As we move forward, our programs are challenged with obstacles standing in the way of some very important issues, especially those in our Women’s Health Program. The viability of women’s health is vitally important, as with it comes a barrage of potential life-threatening issues needing to be addressed.

The Women’s Health Program began at the YWCA in 1993. For almost 30 years, we have been bringing culturally responsive services, to connect medically underserved clients, with educational programs regarding breast cancer and along with resources and advocacy, have had a major impact on their health and well-being. This small, but mighty program has made great strides helping the lives of the uninsured and undocumented women in our community. Just one example defining our success is with this year’s YWCA’s educational sessions to 756 individuals. With the education provided, 351 women had mammograms, of those women, 21 had findings, and of those 21 women, 3 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.

I ask for your help for this much-needed Women’s Health Program, as it is not funded through any state or federal funding; it is solely funded through fundraising efforts. We can show an impact of our work and we can stand in front of people and share our story. Lives have been saved as a direct result of our efforts. Please help the YWCA continue to save lives

Your donation is tax-deductible and makes a huge difference in the lives of all whom we serve.  Click here and donate online today.  Thank you for your support as we grow and sustain our mission of eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.


Susan Staples, Executive Director