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Holiday Help

Holiday Help Pg, red ribbon treeA Message to Our Generous and Supportive Sponsors
Our clients and residents who have shared with us that they would appreciate the opportunity to purchase a gift for their child/children themselves.  In keeping with our mission of helping to empower women, we offer a Holiday-Help Gift Card Program for any individual or group who wants to be a GC Sponsor!

You or Your Group can be a GC SPONSOR!
Gift cards are a wonderful way for you to help the women we serve! GC Sponsors who provide gift cards will help empower mothers by allowing them to purchase gifts for their children, as well as to purchase needed groceries.

GC Sponsors may help as an individual, or as a group!  Information and instructions follow.

Outlined below are Why We’re Asking for Gift Cards, along with gift card options and amounts from which to choose.  Please note that we’ve selected specific stores that meet the needs of our clients and residents, and which are easy for them to get to and from.

Why We’re Asking for Gift Cards
When women come to us for Domestic Violence shelter services and counseling, they are often here for long periods of time during the day.  We like to provide lunch for them.  Within walking distance are three locations where they can inexpensively purchase lunch:  Wendy’s, Dunkin Doughnuts or Heavenly Donuts [this location also offers soup, salad, fruit and sandwiches!].

Women we serve in our Domestic Violence , Women’s Health Advocacy and Youth Services programs have many and various needs during the holidays.  We often give them gift cards and provide transportation to nearby stores, including Wal-Mart, Target, Market Basket, Walgreens and CVS.  This way, women may purchase gifts and necessities for their children & themselves, as well as needed groceries.

GC Sponsors

Purchase one or more gift cards to one or more of the following stores:


Gift Amount

Wendy’s $10
Dunkin Donuts $10
Heavenly Donuts $10
Wal-Mart $20 or $25
Market Basket $20 or $25
Target $20 or $25
Kohls $20 or $25
Walgreens or CVS $20 or $25


Download and complete the GC Sponsor Sheet.  Put both the Sheet and gift card[s] in a suitable envelope, and do one of the following:

Mail to:                                                                                                Drop off at:
YWCA Northeastern Massachusetts                            YWCA Northeastern Massachusetts; Main Desk
Attn: Susan McNeff                                                         38 Lawrence Street
38 Lawrence Street                                                         Lawrence
Lawrence, MA  01840

Please note:
* If you’re mailing, we suggest getting a ‘Return Receipt’ from the Post Office!

* If you’re dropping off, please check in at the Main Desk, ensuring to leave the card[s] with a person!

* Please drop off between December 1st and 15th only, between 10am and 4pm

Questions?  Contact Jeanne Osborn or call her at 978.687.0331 x1029.

To help us thank you or your group for your generosity, please be sure to download and complete the GC Sponsor Sheet.  On the Sheet, you can even specify if you’d like to be a GC Sponsor for a woman [and her child/children] in Domestic Violence, Women’s Health Advocacy or Youth Services!

If you’re interested in sponsoring a family in need, we have many women and their children in need of holiday assistance.  We can provide you with information about the family [usually a mom and her child or children] and you can purchase gifts and a Market Basket gift card.  We can also let you know the drop-off dates for the gifts and gift card.  Our families are survivors of domestic violence or of cancer.  If you’re interested in helping in this meaningful way, please contact us for all the details.