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Tribute to Women Nomination: Step 1

All Nominations Due March 1st, 2021

Each May, Tribute to Women honors a select group of women who live or work within our service area of the Merrimack Valley, Essex County or Southern NH. Honorees are women of achievement in both their professions and communities. The YWCA will recognize and honor women for their contributions and accomplishments while serving as a fundraiser to raise crucial funds for more than 26 of our programs in our Lawrence, Haverhill, Lynn and Southern NH sites.

Before submitting a Nomination, ensure your candidate meets the following criteria:

Nominee must…

  • Demonstrate superior contributions and/or advancement in her profession
  • Possess outstanding community commitment
  • Live or work in the YWCA service area of either the Merrimack Valley, Essex County or Southern NH

Role of the Nominator
If you are making the Nomination, you are considered the Nominator. 

As the Nominator, you should:

  • Know the candidate well enough to tell us about her in detail
  • Be willing to participate in conveying her nomination via email to colleagues, friends, and family as appropriate.

To Share or Not to Share
The question asked by most Nominators is this:  Should I tell my candidate that I’m nominating her for Tribute to Women?
Response…As you’ll see from the ‘Nomination Process’ section below, we suggest that you wait.  It’s best to complete and submit Step 1 and hear back from us about your candidate prior to telling her that you’re nominating her for this award.  Keep in mind that a Nominator will be emailed the link to complete Step 2 only if your candidate is accepted.

Nomination Process:
There are two steps to making a Nomination.

Step 1 is to Confirm Your Nominee by submitting the following information via email to

  • Nominator Information
    • Name
    • Work Phone Number
    • Cell Phone Number
    • Where You Work
    • Your Title
  • Nominee Information
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Work Phone Number
    • Cell Phone Number
    • Where She Works
    • Her Title
    • The City/Town She Lives In
    • The City/Town She Works In
    • Tell us why this woman should be nominated (500 character limit)

We will then share your candidate with the Committee, a cross-section of business and community leaders, who will verify that she meets the criteria and ensure there are no conflicts in her nomination.  The representative will contact you via email about your candidate within 48 hours.   The YWCA reserves the right to make final selections, and all decisions are final.

Step 2:  If your candidate is accepted, you, as the Nominator, will be emailed a link to complete the form for Step 2: Nominee Profile Information.  At this time you will also be given a due date for submitting Step 2 to the Committee.

We opened nominations January 28th, and once we reach full capacity, we will close nominations.

Nomination Deadlines
Nominations are now open.  Because we often reach our capacity of candidates quickly, we strongly advise you to submit Step 1 as soon as possible – don’t wait! 
As soon as we reach our full candidate capacity, we will close Nominations.




















































































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