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Tribute to Women: Step 3: Honoree Autobiographical Statement

Step 3


You have been accepted to receive a Tribute to Women award at this year’s luncheon ceremony, Thursday, May 16, 2019 at the Andover Country Club!

The form below is for you, the Honoree, to complete!

Please note that the form must be completed and submitted in one session – which usually takes 30 to 45 minutes, so be sure you allocate enough time!  Because this means you are unable to save and return to the form, we recommend writing your statement in a Word document, then cut and paste it into this form!!

As the Honoree, this is your opportunity to write a two to three paragraph statement telling us a little bit about yourself.  Feel free to include a specific story or account [either business or personal] that you feel is special or unique, or helps describe you.  Maximum characters 1700 [well over 1 page!].

    Nominee First and Last Name:

    [As it should appear in the Program Book]

    Nominee Company Name:

    [As it should appear in the Program Book]

    Nominee Job Title:

    [As it should appear in the Program Book]

    In what city/state did you grow up?

    What college did you attend and what degree did you receive?
    [Please list all under-grad and graduate colleges/degrees]

    From what high school did you graduate
    [and name the city/state]?

    If you are married, what is the name of your spouse?

    If you have children, please write their names, gender, ages:

    Please list any awards you have won/received, and the year:

    To view sample autobiographical statements, click here.

    Upload your headshot photo here:
    Photos must be in JPG format – meaning that the file name ends with .JPG or .JPEG. File size limit: 2 MB.


    We publish your photo in our Program Book, and the best photos to reproduce are headshots [a picture from the shoulder up].  Please DO NOT send a full body photo or a photo that contains other people as we cannot edit photos.

    Please submit a color headshot photo, as it will appear in color in the Program Book.

    Also, photos must be in JPG format – meaning that the file name ends with .JPG

    Here’s a sample of a good head shot!


    Deadline for submission is
    Friday, February 22, 2019

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