The YWCA Northeastern Massachusetts – A Voice for Women & Girls

YWCA Videos

DSCN3168Here is our collection of videos, produced by Tower Hill Films, to help you better understand the important work we do in our community with our clients, residents, volunteers and staff.  There are seven videos in total, and run times are shown after each title.

Virtual Tribute to Women 2020 Run time, approximately 34 minutes
In our latest video, we present our 2020 Tribute to Women, which needed to be a virtual event due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The event paid tribute to a select group of remarkable women who contribute to the communities within our service areas. We also used the opportunity to raise funds for various YWCA projects and give away several raffle baskets.

A Remarkable Past, A Hopeful Future Run time, approximately 7 minutes
In this video we showcase three primary areas, [1] our work with residents in our transitional housing program at YWCA Fina House, [2] our work with teens in helping them understand what a healthy relationship is all about and [3] some of our work with children in our Girls Center, Early Learning Center, and summer day camp.  Several staff members are featured in this video with comments about how important the work is to our larger community.

Keeping the Promise Run time, approximately 11 minutes
In this video we delve into some of the fascinating history of YWCA Northeastern Massachusetts, while showcasing how – as a national organization – the YWCA has been involved with major women’s movements surrounding Suffrage, pay equity and safety.  Staff and special guests are showcased in this video.

Building Leadership from Within  Run time, approximately 9 minutes
Here we show the relationship between empowerment and leadership in the lives of the women and girls we serve.  In the video, the amazing work of the Girls Center and YWCA Fina House are showcased, along with comments by several staff, explaining how our clients and residents work toward building stronger, more empowered lives of hope and promise.

Building Healthy Lives  Run time, approximately 9 minutes
In this video, we explore how many of the programs and services we offer – including Women’s Health Advocacy Services –  aid women and children in our community.  We showcase our economic empowerment programs and health and wellness work to demonstrate how residents and clients improve and build health within themselves, their children and families.

Breaking the Cycle  Run time, approximately 8 minutes
In this video, we explore how our work with clients and residents helps break long-standing negative cycles of poor education, poverty, under-employment and emotional bondage.  We showcase toddlers, teens and adults as they work toward bringing awareness and actions into their lives to look toward the future with vision and commitment.

Leidy’s Story  Run time, approximately 7 minutes
In our first video, we showcase one of our YWCA Fina House residents, Leidy, and the courageous story of  her fight to overcome domestic violence and put her life back on track for herself and daughter.  Featured are staff from our Domestic Violence and Women’s Health Advocacy who explain the barriers and difficulties faced by women trapped by home violence.