The YWCA Northeastern Massachusetts – A Voice for Women & Girls

Stand Against Racism

Rape Crisis Pg, hands togetherJoining with the National YWCA and sister YWCA’s throughout the country, each April we Take a Stand Against Racism.

Each year we host a different venue to commemorate one of our core mission areas; helping to eliminate racism throughout our communities and society.  One year, we hosted an art contest where children created different art projects that helped them understand how to respect, be kind and treat others well.  Another year, we had staff and children acting out ‘before’ and ‘after’ skits of everyday racist situations a person might encounter.  Yet another year, we had staff, residents and children create poetry and read them aloud.

But every year, we all join together to take the Stand Against Racism pledge.

Stand with your coworkers, colleagues, friends, family or group and take the pledge with us!